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Falling Again

Falling Again did not start as a music video. I was looking to do a camera test with the beta version of the Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K with two specifics in mind: low light and interior to exterior shots. After I did the first cut, I put a track against it from Dauzat-St. Marie. It fit perfectly and the story of the lyrics worked. It just needed some trimming to make the cut fit better with the music and again, thank you to Dauzat-St. Marie for use of their music.

The bar scene was shot with a 2K Desisti (dimmed 50%) pushed through Peacock Blue gel to match the practical LEDs on the set. I placed a 1K Mole (dimmed 30%) through a silk from the opposite side and a Mini Mole (dimmed 50%) through 216 mounted above the back of the bar as a rim light. Two practicals on the bar assisted.

I found a loft in the Fashion District in Downtown Los Angeles with a great view and natural light. Getting the equipment up to 12th floor of the building was quite a challenge in itself, not to mention the shifting sun throughout the day. Another challenge was the uncharacteristic rain we had that day. The clouds would roll in and out throughout the day causing issues with our light source.

I met Paige Annette awhile ago during an interview and we spoke about doing a project together. When I came up with the idea of this project, Paige was first in my mind. She would lend an incredible talent and be a lot of fun to work with. Thank you, Paige.

Working with the Ursa Mini 4.6K was a true pleasure. I found that the form factor was fun. Great size and easy to handle. It fits well on the jib and slider. I use the EZ-FX Jib and it balances out with about 47.5 lbs. That includes a Switronix 150 brick, lens, Teradek, and matte box. Mike from Dana Dolly has made a great hi-hat model. I wish I could get wheels that smooth on everything. Both of these companies and incredible customer service. Above and beyond.

Feel free to ask any questions about this project. 

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